A member of the New Duke’s city guard and lover to Jimmy Valentine. Bowstring was a lean beauty who excelled at archery. She was killed by Catalin Donnelly during a showdown between Valentine’s gang and the Pingberra Regulators.

Chopper Dave

A traffic reporter for a Sydney radio station before the Ruin, Chopper Dave was coerced into serving as George Goddard’s personal pilot during the Sydney Riots. After his close friend, Vanessa Donnelly, passed away, Dave adopted her young daughter and mentored her in helicopter piloting and maintenance.

Chopper Dave perished in a helicopter crash while helping a group of children escape the Duke of Sydney’s gladiatorial games.

Vanessa Donnelly

Vanessa, a receptionist at a Sydney radio station in the days before the Ruin, was one of a small group who sought to flee the Sydney Riots with the help of the station’s traffic reporter, “Chopper Dave”. But before the band could make their escape, their building was stormed by George Goddard and his men, who pressed Chopper Dave and his helicopter into service. Goddard extended his “protection” to Vanessa and the others as a way of ensuring the pilot’s cooperation. Vanessa was given a relatively comfortable position in the Duke’s household and served as his personal secretary for a number of years.

Vanessa gave birth to her daughter, Catalin, a year after the Ruin. She never mentioned the girl’s father and had no known romantic entanglements. Vanessa dedicated herself to raising her daughter until she died of an unknown disease shortly after Cat’s seventh birthday.

Captain Makariy Gredenko

Captain Gredenko is the former commander of the Soviet submarine, TK-13, and the current leader of the Red Star Commune. Grendenko organized the “defection” of the TK-13 and its crew and oversaw the building of the Commune. The captain and his wife raised a daughter, Taniya, who eventually met and fell in love with Michael Nazereth. Gredenko acted as a mentor and father figure to the young warrior, and the bond between them only grew stronger after Taniya’s tragic death.

Gredenko is short and bullish with a bushy white beard and rather startling eyebrows. He has a puckish sense of humor, an abiding sense of fair play, and the devotion of his followers.

Taniya Gredenko

Taniya was the daughter of Captain Gredenko and a member of the Red Star Commune. While helping a group of mercenaries recover a nuclear warhead stolen from the Commune, Taniya fell in love with their leader, Michael Nazereth. Naz joined the Red Star Commune to be with Taniya, and the two were very happy together for a time. But just over a year after meeting Naz, Tanyia took ill and passed away.

Taniya Gredenko was a lovely young woman with pale blonde hair and startling blue eyes. Her fragile beauty belied her inner strength; Tanyia was an expert sniper and stunningly lethal with a knife.

Dr. Aubrey Hay

Hay was a physician attached to the Sydney Hospital and became a founder of the commune that arose their after the Ruin. He was eventually pressed into service as the Duke of Sydney’s personal physician, a role he filled until his death by heart attack shortly after the passing of Vanessa Donnelly.

Hay also served as mentor to David MacReady and was responsible for his advanced medical training.

Stan Hollis

An easy-going man in his mid-forties, Stan is one of Pingeberra’s two full-time deputies and is widely regarded as the more reliable of the pair. He enjoys overnight duty in the watchtower as it gives him time to be alone and work on his music; Hollis is an excellent guitar player and a gifted singer.

Dr. Ellen MacReady

Ellen was a physician at Sydney Hospital and a single mother raising a young son, David. She was one of many hospital workers who stayed on duty to help the sick and injured during the chaos of the Sydney Riots. As it became evident that things would not be returning to normal any time soon, Ellen and the others decided to form a commune on the hospital grounds. The community was left in relative peace by scavengers and survivors, due as much as to their charitable works as the protection of the Duke of Sydney.

Ellen remained dedicated to helping others and would often “make her rounds” among the smaller settlements scattered on the outskirts of Sydney. It was during one of these trips that she disappeared. Her companions never found her body and her fate remains unknown to this day.

Victor Westwood

Victor Westwood was the top executive at the General Construction Corporation’s Pingberra facility. As chaos and disease swept across the globe, Westwood recognized the potential of the small town as a safe haven. He designed fortifications for the town and acquired the necessary materiel and manpower. Westwood also helped organize reserves of valuable supplies such as medicine, weapons, and tools. In recognition for his invaluable contributions, the people of Pingberra granted Westwood the honorary position of “squire”, a title that has since passed on to his son, Eliot.


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