Tag: Landsmen


  • Landsmen

    Residents of the Pingberra area who make their living from farming, hunting, and/or raising livestock. [[:fergus|Fergus Partridge]] is the Landsmen's representative on the [[Council of Elders]].

  • Fergus Partridge

    Fergus Partridge’s family has been working the land around Pingberra for five generations. He knows everything worth knowing about the area and its inhabitants that's worth knowing. Fergus and his father, Arthur, reorganized the town's agricultural …

  • Balthazar Kemp

    Balthazar Kemp is a native of Pingberra raised by his parents, Harry and Eden, both of whom are still living. The Kemps are [[Landsmen]] and work one of the farms outside the town gates. Balthazar spent his youth hunting small game in the surrounding …