AFTERMATH! - Cities in Dust

Police and Thieves

The Case of Cat's Copter's Carburetor

A daring midnight raid and a sudden betrayal draw the Regulators from the comforts of Pingberra to the chaos of Sydney.

Cat‘s lover, Jimmy Valentine, has collided with outsiders to steal a vital component from her beloved helicopter. The gang escapes through the secret emergency entrance in Pingberra’s south wall. Desperate to restore Cat’s copter and safeguard the secrets of their new home, the Regulators set out after the thieves.

However, the trail leads right into the lair of the New Duke himself! The theft was a plot to lure Cat into his clutches so that she may be forced to serves as pilot and flight instructor for his army. Instead, Cat blows his head up real good and the Regulators fight their way to freedom in the resulting chaos..

Plot Points:
• The adventure that kick-started the revival of our Aftermath campaign.

• First appearance of Daylight Coca-Cola Johnson, Jimmy Valentine, the New Duke, and the town and inhabitants of Pingberra.

• Lynn is appointed to stay in Pingberra in case the thieves double-back.

• The Regulators have a run-in with a pack of dog-men on the way to Sydney.

• Cat kept faltering with her psychokinetic blast all adventure, until the very moment she needed it the most. She failed to get Jimmy before he left Pingberra. She failed to take out any of the dog-men. Finally, she scored two critical success in her attempt to attack the Duke over dinner, giving him an aneurysm that kills him stone dead during the fish course. Apparently, Cat needs a comfy chair and a good meal to use her psychic abilities to their fullest.

• Cat shot Jimmy’s new gal dead, which made her unreasonably happy.

• Naz scored a crit with his naginata and took Jimmy’s right hand at the wrist. This also made Cat unreasonably happy.

• The death of the New Duke death is established, laying the groundwork for future struggles.

As a team, the Regulators scored eight 100ct bottles of 250mg Penicillin V Potassium tablets, twenty-seven 1mL ampules of Morphine Sulfate 15mg, and two large dog pelts. The medicine was donated to Doc MacReady’s surgery. I have no idea what happened with the dog pelts.

Toshido also acquired a pump-action shotgun with pistol grip and five shells. He also won fourteen .45 ACP rounds and eleven .30-06 rounds betting on himself during a “demonstration bout” for the Duke’s enjoyment.

Daylight skeeved twin M1911’s from the Duke’s arsenal, but they were only loaded with six rounds between them.

Cat picked up an army-issue L1A1 Battle Rifle with 13 rounds in the clip. Oh, and the part that was stolen from her helicopter.

Naz pulled a high-quality arrow with fiberglass shaft and steel hunting broadhead pulled from his thigh. When you don’t have Search, sometime you have to wait for the loot to come to you.



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