Brian Toshido

Diesel and Dust


Brian Toshido is a handsome Asian man in his mid-twenties. He is exceedingly lean even by post-Ruin standards, but this is more likely due to genetics and his rigorous exercise regime than a sign of the Change. He sported a “New Wave mullet” for years, but has kept his hair close-cropped since he came to Pingberra.

When serving as a deputy Regulator or when trouble is expected, Brian wears an old Sydney Police issue leather jacket, a pair of metal forearm guards, a variety of sports pads, and a black motorcycle racing helmet. He is an accomplished martial artist and is usually bristling with karate weapons such as nunchaku and shuriken. Brian is also a pretty good rifle shot and will break out his M16 or shotgun if things get serious.

WT: 18 Char: 1 Size: 72
WL: 10 Comb: 11 Bulk: 06
STR: 15 Comm: 1 Looks: 88
DFT: 25 Esth: 0 Age Group: 1
SPD: 20 Mech: 11 Hair: Black
HLH: 15 Natr: 1 Eyes: Brown
Sci: 3 Recog Factor: 4

Skills: Auto Driving (47/9), Auto Mechanic (83/17), Beast Riding (36/7), Electrician (54/11), First Aid (46/9), Literacy (74/15), Motorcycle Driving (67/13), Post-Ruin Culture (38/8), Search (38/8), Stealth (68/14), Survival (52/10), Tech Use (46/9), Tracking (43/9), Off-Hand Dex (12)

Combat Skills: Brawling (46/9), Flexible Weapon (102/20), Modern Rifle (83/17), Sai (104/21), Throwing (74/15), Unarmed Combat (106/21)

Weapons: M16 Rifle (BDG 20, AL-FA, Box 20), Remington 870 Shotgun (BDG 32, PA, Tube 5), Bowie Knife (1.5L). Metal Nunchaku (2C), Sai (1.7C / 1.2L), Shuriken (1.5L), Throwing Quoits (1.6L)

Armor: Motorcycle Helmet (SY, AV 5, 1-2), Cop Jacket (HL, AV 4, 4-11 & 21-28), Wrist Guards (AA, AV 7, 27-28), Crash Gloves (PX, AV 6, 27-30), Fatigue Pants (HC, AV 2, 10-18), Cup & Knee Pads (SY, AV 5, 12 & 15-16), Leather Motorcycle Boots (LL, AV 3, 17-20)

Gear: Survival Kit, Auto Repair Kit (Efficiency 2 if power available), Flashlight, Sony Walkman & Headphones, Various New Wave Cassette Tapes, Binoculars, Assorted Comic Books


Brian Toshido is the son of the legendary warrior, Shinichi Toshido. He was born during the Sydney Riots and his mother died from complications shortly thereafter. His father was forced to fend for himself and an infant son in a world consumed by chaos.

Shinichi wandered the wasteland like a ronin of old, selling his martial skill to any who could meet his price. His son’s welfare was always his primary concern, and while Shin did the best he could to educate the boy, he knew he would be better off in a more stable environment. Thus, when Brian was around ten, Shininchi took a job training soldiers for George Goddard, the Old Duke of Sydney.

Brian took to life in the Duchy like a duck to water. He made real friends for the first time, notably some of the urchins around town and Catalin Donnelly, the young apprentice to the Duke’s helicopter pilot. While Brian kept up with his marital arts studies, he also developed a passion for motor vehicles and spent hours hanging out at the Duke’s garage learning whatever he could. The years passed in relative peace and comfort.

The Toshido’s idyllic new life came crashing down when Shin learned that the Duke was forcing children to engage in gladiatorial combat. Shin worked with Cat’s mentor, Chopper Dave, and the Duke’s personal physician on a plan to save as many of the youngsters as possible and fly them to freedom aboard the Duke’s own helicopter. Shinichi resolved to stay behind and confront the Duke to buy the others time. Brian never saw his father again.

The helicopter was shot down on the outskirts of the Duke’s domain. Chopper Dave was killed in the crash, and most of the young survivors fled in all directions. But Brian and his closest friends – Cat, Michael Nazareth, and Lynn the Blade – resolved to stand by each other. The foursome spent years adventuring across the wasteland together and remain close to this day.

About a year ago, the group encountered a merchant caravan being attacked by a raider gang. They drove off the thieves and became friendly with the merchants, who offered them a place in their hidden enclave, a small hill town called Pingberra. The newcomers liked what they saw and quickly settled into the community, Brian in particular; he has established a romantic relationship with a pretty young townie called Edwina “Eddie” Carlisle.

Brian earns his way in Pingberra by helping maintain the motor vehicles in town. He also helps out around Eddie’s electronics shop and has organized weekly “drive-in” movie screenings in the church parking lot. While not a full-time Regulator, Brian is the first one Naz turns to when he needs help.


Brian’s prize possession is a Sony Walkman. He is always interested in bartering for extra batteries, spare parts, and New Wave music cassettes he does not already own. Brian will also be interested in parts for his motorcycle.

Brian will be able to offer a variety of car parts and his skills as a mechanic in trade.

Brian Toshido

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