Atomic Dog


Saru is attractive Great Dane in prime of life. Saru have beautiful fawn fur and black snout. Saru 40 inches tall at shoulder. Saru weigh more than you do, unless you fat.

If Saru expecting trouble, Saru will growl.


Saru born on ranch. Saru given to monks when Saru baby. Monks ask Saru look after Trip. Trip not see, so Saru help Trip see. Trip talk to Saru real good. Trip understand Saru. Trip and Saru best friends.

One day Trip leave monks. Saru go with Trip. Trip and Saru best friends. Saru go many places, eat many things. Saru not scared of kangaroo!

Trip say Saru not like other dogs. Saru know this! But Trip say Saru live long, long time more than other dogs. Trip say this Change. Saru not know what Change is, but it make Trip happy. Saru happy, too.

Saru smart but still dog. Saru not grasp abstract concepts. Saru not count more than six. Saru sniff butts. Saru still dog!


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