Balthazar Kemp

Meat is Murder


Balthazar Kemp is a great bear of a man standing well over six feet and tipping the scales at 21 stone. Despite his size, Balthazar is gentle (at least, until he gets riled) and rather cultured. He affects a soul patch, wears reading glasses, and his favorite article of clothing is a leather apron with “Kiss the Cook” printed on the front.

When out hunting, or if expecting a fight, Balthazar wears black fatigues, combat boots, and a traditional capote jacket made from leather. He is a good archer and can make his own gear. Balthazar carries two huge meat cleavers nicknamed “Lilith” and “Jezebel”, the latter of which is attached to an six-foot section of chain. The sight of the “girls” in the hands of such a large man is usually enough to back down most troublemakers, but Kemp can wield the cleavers to devastating effect if needs be.

WT: 15 Char: 5 Size: 99
WL: 15 Comb: 6 Bulk: 81
STR: 25 Comm: 3 Looks: 76
DFT: 18 Esth: 1 Age Group: 0
SPD: 14 Mech: 2 Hair: Black
HLH: 18 Natr: 9 Eyes: Green
Sci: 2 Recog Factor: 4

Skills: Automobile Driving (35/7), Beast Riding (42/8), Bowyer (70/14), Cooking (84/17), Fermentation (66/13), Hunting (84/17), Literacy (66/13), Nutritionist (52/10), Post-Ruin Culture (38/8), Salvage Food (70/14), Search (78/16), Stealth (84/17), Survival (84/14), Tech Use (35/7), Tracking (78/16), Off-Hand Dex (_)

Combat Skills: Archery (78/16), Brawling (88/18), Flexible Weapon (88/18), Single Weapon (88/18)

Weapons: Lilith (Meat Cleaver, 1.6L), Jezebel (Meat Cleaver on chain, 1.6L/1.3C, entangle), Bow with No Name (50# Pull, Range Factor 5, 2d10+1), Bodkin Arrows (+1 BCS, 1.5L, AP), Hunting Arrows (-1 BCS, 2L), Archer’s Glove (+1 BCS)

Armor: Capote Jacket (HL, AV 4, 1-14 & 21-28), Gloves (LL, AV 3, 29-30), Black Fatigue Pants (HC, AV 2, 10-18), Cup (SY, AV 5, 12), Leather Hiking Boots (LL, AV 3, 17-20)

Gear: Survival Kit, Bowyer Tools, Skinning Knife, Packets of Herbs & Spices, Paperback Copy of The Golden Wattle Cookery Book, Big Spoon


Balthazar Kemp is a native of Pingberra raised by his parents, Harry and Eden, both of whom are still living. The Kemps are Landsmen and work one of the farms outside the town gates. Balthazar spent his youth hunting small game in the surrounding wilderness and grew up into a hardy outdoorsman.

Kemp’s passion is food. He loves to cook and enjoys the challenge of making great-tasting dishes with the limited resources available after the Ruin. To aid in his efforts, Balthazar makes frequent foraging trips as far as Sydney, searching for dried herbs and seasonings that other survivors tend to overlook. Over the years, he has become an expert in salvaging food product and has developed a nose for finding even the best-hidden caches.

Pushing his talents into a new culinary direction, Balthazar has recently taken over the town’s small brewery set-up after a long apprenticeship. His first few batches have been very promising.

A genuinely nice and easy-going fellow, Kemp is well-liked by almost everyone in Pingberra, and more than a few of the local gals have set their caps for him. However, he can be coldly brutal if pushed to violence and is quite capable of hacking a man to pieces without batting an eye. It’s just meat, after all…


Balthazar will be keenly interested in spices and cookbooks featuring “down home” recipes with basic ingredients. He will also take a look at culinary equipment if available. In return, he will have some canned goods, dried meat, and small game pelts to offer in trade.

Balthazar Kemp

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