AFTERMATH! - Cities in Dust

Seven and the Ragged Tiger

A Minor Excursion

An unknown predator is stalking Pingberra’s livestock. When a child from an outlying farm goes missing, the Regulators are called to track down the beast.

The creature turns out to be an ancient tiger from the New Duke’s private zoo, somehow set loose during the turmoil gripping the Duchy. After rescuing the child and putting down the tiger, the posse encounter McCulloch, a hunter from Sydney hired to retrieve the big cat’s pelt as a prize for one of the barons. McCulloch and the Regulators end up striking a deal to avoid further bloodshed.

Plot Points:
• First appearance of Becca Bombshell and McCulloch.
• Naz is out this time. He was still recovering from the gunshot wound he received from McLaren.
• The Regulators learn of the power struggle between barons in the wake of the New Duke’s death.

Toshido, Cat, Lynn, Zar, and Becca each kept a tiger claw as a souvenir.



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