Scavages are the barbaric tribesmen who roam the Post-Ruin wastelands. Their name is a portmanteau of “scavenger” and “savage”, a fitting epithet for these primitive nomads who survive mainly by raiding and foraging.

The majority of scavanger bands were formed by criminals, sociopaths, and Objectivists who reveled in the chaotic opportunities presented by the Ruin. At least one clan consists entirely of former patients at an asylum for the criminally insane. However, there are several tribes comprised of those who grew up after the Ruin without adult supervision; despite their near-feral childhood, they are the most likely to have friendly relations with neighboring communities.

Most tribes subsist mainly by hunting kangaroo and other wild game. Raids are generally conducted during lean times, though full-time bandit packs are not unheard of. Raids are also a part of initiation rites in some groups; other scavanger communities are the preferred target for young men undergoing such trials. A few bands even engage in ritual cannibalism, consuming the flesh of their enemies in order to honor them or gain their strength,.

Sydney is home to urban scavages, timid rag-bundled souls that comb the ruins for rats, cats, and other delicacies. They will trade any valuables they find with trusted members of “civilized” communities, and many merchants have standing orders for hard-to-find items. Urban scavages are far more cautious than their country cousins and will strenuously avoid confrontations. However, like every other animal, they can still be very dangerous if cornered

Almost every scavanger band identifies its members through a particular symbol, color, or crest. A canny traveler can determine whether a scavanger might engage in barter or bloodshed by recognizing these marks.


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