Red Star Commune

The Red Star Commune is a community on Goat Island founded by the crew of the TK-13, a Typhoon-class submarine formerly in the Soviet Navy.

As disease ravaged the Soviet Union and nuclear exchange with NATO became increasingly likely, the captain of the TK-13, Makariy Gredenko, and his executive officers decided to abscond with the submarine and find safe haven elsewhere. They settled on Australia as their destination, as they they felt an island nation would be less susceptible to the plagues and turmoil engulfing the rest of the world. The crew quietly arranged for their families to join them as their vessel was being resupplied and set off on their final voyage.

The arrival of the TK-13 in Port Jackson ironically caused the sort of chaos the submariners had sought to avoid, as the sight of a Soviet submarine in Sydney Harbor sparked a panic that led to the Sydney Riots The TK-13 sought refuge at Goat Island, a former national park that was now sheltering a rat-tag assortment of local fishermen, yachtsmen, and merchant mariners. Gredenko managed to convince this small enclave of his crew’s good intentions, and the two groups merged to form the foundation of the Red Star Commune.

Gredenko was elected leader of the Commune and has served in that role ever since. The settlement supports itself mainly by fishing and engages in regular trade with mainland communities. The Commune has a non-aggression pact with the Duchy of Sydney; the Old Duke found having a Soviet boogeyman on the doorstep to be very useful politically, and the threat of the TK-13’s nuclear payload keeps his heirs from getting any expansionist ideas.

Red Star Commune

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