The Rads are a tribe of mutated human cannibals inhabiting the suburb of Hunters Hill.

One hundred years ago, an uranium refinery was operating in Hunters Hill. The radioactive waste byproducts mixed with the soil and the area was contaminated for centuries to come. This did not become public knowledge until the 1970’s, by which time Hunters Hill had become an upscale residential suburb. The Australian government did its best to stall inquiries and cover up the the problem; meanwhile, cancer rates in the area soared. In the early 80’s, the government finally made an attempt to rectify the situation and purchased the three most radioactive blocks in the suburb with the intent to decontaminate the land and resell it to developers.

The Ruin came along before the reclamation project could get started. As Sydney burned around them, the affluent residents of Hunters Hill erected barricades along the Burns Bay Road to keep out refugees and looters. They blockaded the harbor and patrolled the shores to prevent access by watercraft. Satisfied with their defenses, the people of Hunters Hill settled down to ride out the apocalypse in relative comfort.

But their walls and patrols could not keep out the plagues, the fallout, and the God-knows-what-else that had been pumped into the air by two superpowers hell-bent on mutual destruction. All that gunk must have somehow mixed with the radiation already contaminating Hunters Hill, for the people started to change. And not for the better.

The few wanderers that have survived encounters with the inhabitants of Hunters Hill describe them as bald, emaciated creatures covered in open, running sores. They appear to be near-mindless and operate solely on instinct. Said instinct seems primarily to be to attack, dismember, and devour any trespassers in their territory. Eyewitness accounts purport that the inhabitants of Hunters Hill are radioactive enough to set a Geiger counter screaming, which is how they earned the name, “Rads”.

There are no discernible differences between male and female Rads, but the mutants are apparently reproducing at a prodigious rate. As the peninsula cannot possibly produce enough small game to maintain the observed numbers of Rads in Hunters Hill, the residents must be drawing sustenance from another source. Some say that the Rads feed on each other during long stretches without visitors, and they breed so much in order to keep a steady supply of children on hand as walking larders. Others claim that the Rads are kept alive by the radiation itself. And there are whispered rumors of folks in the surrounding area shipping over prisoners and slaves to keep the Rads content and on their side of the Burns Bay barricade.


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