Council of Elders

A committee of five Pingberra residents who oversee the town’s day-to-day operations. The Council also acts as a judicial board to settle disputes and, rarely, criminal matters.

Two of the council seats are hereditary positions reserved for the town vicar and the village squire. Two more seats are reserved for the representatives of the Landsmen and Tradesmen, who hold closed elections to choose their leaders. The final seat, the council chair, is an open position filled by a general election; Matty Jarman has held the spot since it was first created fifteen years ago.

Elections for the non-hereditary seats are not held regularly but only called when the need arises. In theory, any council member could be voted out in a special election but the situation has never arose.

The Pingberra Regulators are the enforcement arm of the Council, though no one in the community would ever phrase it as such.

Council of Elders

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