Auburn Slavers

The Auburn Slavers were a particularly vicious band of raiders operating out of an old factory in Auburn, a Sydney suburb located about 12 miles from the central business district. The Slavers began as a sizable if unmotivated bandit gang until they were taken over my the man called McLaren, who whipped them into a force to be reckoned with.

The Slavers would sent scouting parties to locate small, isolated communities worthy of pillaging. The gang would then strike in the middle of the night, overwhelming the settlement’s defenses and killing anyone who offered resistance. After gathering up everything worth stealing, the gang would cull the most attractive females and a few males with marketable skills – and then execute the rest of the community.

The Auburn Slavers were despised and feared throughout New South Wales. However, McLaren had turned their compound into a nearly impregnable fortress, and regular gifts to the Duke of Sydney and other local notables kept any official reprisals out of the picture.

A chance encounter with the Pingberra Regulators led to the Slavers’ downfall. An escaped slave brought an Auburn scouting party right to Pingberra’s doorstep. The Regulators, unsure if the location of their settlement had been radioed to the rest of the Slavers, decided to strike first. Ironically, the Regulators used the Slavers’ own tactics against them by launching an attack in the wee hours and using Catalin Donnelly‘s helicopter to overwhelm the factory’s defenses. When the dust settled, the Slavers had been wiped out to a man, the compound looted, and all the slaves on hand freed. The lawmen even offered shelter to Slavers’ own women and children and, along with the former slaves, brought them back to live in Pingberra.

Only McLaren survived the Regulator’s initial attack. He would go on to spar with the Pingberra lawmen on a few more occasions before being tracked down and executed for his crimes.

Auburn Slavers

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