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  • Tradesmen

    The members of the Pingberra community who make their living as skilled laborers, mechanics, and technicians. [[:doc|Doc MacReady]] serves as the Tradesmen's representative on the [[Council of Elders]].

  • David "Doc" MacReady

    David "Doc" MacReady was a young boy when the Ruin occurred. His mother, "Ellen":https://aftermath-cities-in-dust.obsidianportal.com/wikis/Appendix#ellen, was a physician at Sydney Hospital and a founding member of the commune that developed there …

  • Edwina "Eddie" Carlisle

    Edwina Carlisle is the owner of Pingberra Video Sales and Rentals. Her parents ran it back in the pre-Ruin days, when it was the only electronics store for hundreds of kilometers. As a result of growing up around all those video tapes, Eddie is a dyed- …

  • Moana "Ronin" Daly

    Moana Daly was born a few years before the Ruin to an Anglo father and Maori mother. Moana's parents were killed in an auto accident when he was only a toddler, and the young boy was raised by his paternal aunt and uncle. Aunt Sarah died of the Kabul …