Toshido's Gear


Toshido’s motorcycle helmet is a bubble-visor Grant produced in the mid-80’s. It’s in remarkable condition considering how much abuse it’s taken over the years.

Brian traded heavily for this leather jacket. Blue is his favorite color.

Brian has gone through many pairs of nunchaku over the years, but it’s pretty easy to manufacture replacements. His current pair are made from steel pipe.

Toshido still carries his father’s sais. He’s gone through a lot to recover them during several tough scrapes.

Brian ends up leaving his shuriken in bodies and buildings all over the place, so whenever he can he’ll have a metalworker knock out more throwing stars to his specifications. He still has a few Pre-Ruin shuriken of more ornate design, but Brian prefers not to use them in combat as they were his father’s .

Toshido also owns a handful of razor-sharp war quoits, small circular throwing discs of Indian origin. He was introduced to the weapon by a Sikh serving in the Duke’s personal guard.

Even an accomplished martial artist needs heavy firepower occasionally. Brian’s favorite firearm is a police-issue Remington 870 shotgun he “liberated” from a scavage many years back.

Brian also owns a M16A1 used by the Australian Army during the Vietnam War. The rifle was a gift from Naz after the latter acquired his beloved Dragunov sniper rifle.


Toshido's Gear

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