Naz's Bike


Name: Moto Guzzi 850T-3
Classification: Ground Vehicle Soft Target

Fuel System: Diesel
Base Safe Speed: 80 kph (50 mph)
Maximum Speed: 180 kph (112 mph)
Mileage: 35 kpl
Fuel Capacity: 24 liters

Structure: 2
Area: 1 × 2 = 2
Damage Resistance: 2
Barrier Effects: None

Seating: Driver
Curb Weight: 255kg
Special Features: Side Panniers (Converted Ammo Boxes), Steel Mesh Extended Wind Screen


Naz’s motorcycle started life as a 1976 Moto Guzzi 850T-3 but currently contains bits and pieces from so many other bikes that Toshido has nicknamed it “Frankenstein”. The most important changes have been converting the engine to diesel and upgrading the shocks. The electrical system remains problematic despite several overhauls; once Toshido has the parts and time he plans on doing a complete rewiring.

Naz's Bike

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