Jimmy Valentine

Prince Charming


James Valentine is a handsome blond youth in his early 20’s. He used to be a bit of a clothes horse (at least by post-Ruin standards), but since he lost his right hand in a battle with the Regulators he’s had to dress a lot simpler. He usually wears loose, homespun pullovers and trousers. In warm weather he’ll show off his physique by sporting a simple vest over his bare chest.

Jimmy is a lover and not a fighter. He can usually talk his way out of physical altercations, but he keeps a blade or two secreted on his person just in case. If push comes to shove, Jimmy will pick up the most imposing imposing weapon he can, regardless of whether or not he knows how to use it.


Jimmy Valentine was one of the luckiest members of his generation. Rather than scrabbling through a blighted wasteland like so many of his contemporaries, he grew up in safety and relative comfort in the hidden community of Pingberra. Even compared to his peers in town Jimmy had it pretty good, as he was the favorite nephew of the Squire himself, Victor Westwood. To top things off, Jimmy was a handsome lad and a natural charmer. All this meant that Jimmy coasted through life without having to put much effort into getting what he wanted.

Still, Jimmy wasn’t satisfied with being the most popular fish in a small pond. He was convinced that he could do much, much better in a big town like Sydney. So as soon as he was old enough, Jimmy got a job on one of Pingberra’s merchant caravans. He was a natural salesman and his twice-yearly trips to Sydney allowed him to make contacts and pick up info that would prove useful in years to come.

Jimmy was on the caravan that was rescued from a raider attack by Michael Nazareth and his crew. He was captivated by Catalin Donnelly‘s helicopter and made a point of cozying up to its owner. Once the newcomers had settled in Pingberra, it wasn’t long before Jimmy and the pretty young pilot became a couple. He even left his comfortable room in the Squire’s manor to shack up with Cat in her tent. True love – at least as far as Cat was concerned.

On his next trip to Sydney, Jimmy managed to gain an audience with the current Duke, Adam O’Dowd. The Duke had recently acquired a mint condition military attack helicopter and was in the market for a pilot. Jimmy worked out a deal that would provide the ruler with an expert sky jockey and the young trader with enough loot to set himself up in Sydney in style.

Jimmy spent the following weeks trying to talk Cat into moving with him to Sydney. But the pilot was reluctant to leave her friends and, despite Jimmy’s reassurances about the current ruler, her memories of life under the old Duke were highly discouraging. Jimmy was let down that Cat wouldn’t cooperate of her own volition, but he had a back-up plan in place.

Late one night, Cat awoke to find thieves swarming over her beloved helicopter. Worse still, Jimmy appeared to be their ringleader. They even tried to abduct Cat herself, but she managed to get free and alert the town’s [[regulators|Regulators]. The posse wasn’t fast enough to catch the thieves, but they were able to follow Jimmy’s carefully-laid trail all the way back to Sydney, where they were apprehended by the Duke’s waiting army.

Jimmy still isn’t sure what happened next. All he knows is that the Duke died during a big banquet in honor of his newest “recruit” and the Regulators managed to break for freedom. Jimmy’s latest conquest, a gorgeous but rather frightening scout in the Duke’s service, forced the small-town charmer into aiding her and her comrades in confronting the Regulators at the city gates. In the subsequent dust-up, Cat managed to kill her romantic successor and Naz literally “disarmed” Jimmy with a single swipe of his naginata.

Jimmy managed to get away with his life, but he was left broke, friendless, and gravely wounded in a town that chews up the weak (often literally). But you can’t count Jimmy out as long as he has a tongue and someone else has an ear. He managed to charm a young couple into taking him in while he healed and planned his next move.

Jimmy Valentine

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