Trip Patton



Trip Patton is a handsome kid in his late teens, lean and slightly above average in height. Trip was born blind and has no pupils or irises, so he usually wears a blue bandana across his eyes so as not to disturb others. Trip carries a monk’s staff and keeps his belongings in a traditional Japanese monk’s bag.

Trip does not own any armor and is a pacifist at heart. However, he is quite capable of defending himself as he has trained in Aikido his entire life. Trip is also an expert in quarterstaff technique and is a surprisingly good archer despite his blindness.

WT: 18 Char: 2 Size: 71
WL: 20 Comb: 5 Bulk: 59
STR: 15 Comm: 2 Looks: 88
DFT: 25 Esth: 11 Age Group: 0
SPD: 20 Mech: 0 Hair: Black
HLH: 17 Natr: 11 Eyes: White
PSI: 25 Sci: 0 Recog Factor: 3

Changed: Trip is an empath who can “see” emotions as patterns of color, the hue and intensity of which signify a subject’s current emotional state. Trip can sense the location of humans and higher animals via this ability at a distance of up to 250 meters. Within this range he can detect emotions through thin walls and similar objects. Trip can force an emotion onto a subject if he succeeds in a successful WILL AST roll and his PSI Effect Dice result is higher than the target’s own WILL. Trip can use his empathic power to communicate with animals at a range of up to 400 meters, though the value and nature of the communication depends greatly on the target’s intellect. Trip can mentally dominate an animal’s actions if he succeeds in both a successful WILL AST roll and PSI AST roll.

Skills: Animal Trainer (49/10), Beast Riding (56/11), Botany (57/11), Counseling (44/9), First Aid (86/17), Herbalism (51/10), Philosophy (60/12), Play Harmonica (54/11), Post-Ruin Culture (31/6), Stealth (100/20), Survival (48/10), Swimming (43/9), Off-Hand Dex (15)

Combat Skills: Archery (96/19), Polearm (90/18), Unarmed Combat (102/20)

Weapons: Bow & AP Arrow (50lb, Range Factor 5, Archer’s Ring, 1.5L, 2d10+1), Monk’s Staff (2C, 1d10)

Armor: Sleeveless Hooded Sweatshirt (HC, AV 2, 1-9), T-Shirt (LC, AV 1, 4-9 & 21-24), Cargo Shorts (HC, AV 2, 10-14), Hi-Top Sneakers (SY, AV 5, 19-20)

Gear: Survival Kit, First Aid Kit, Monk’s Bag, Packets of Medicinal Herbs, Jars of Poultices, Set of Acupuncture Needles, Incense, Sutras and Abhidharmas in Braille.


Trip Patton

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