Elliot Westwood

The Figurehead


Eliot Westwood is a slightly built man of average height. His hair is kept neatly trimmed and he has the best wardrobe in town (though that really isn’t saying much). Eliot is the only man in Pingberra who owns a power tie. He dons a pair of pre-Ruin reading glasses when he wants to look intellectual.

During a crisis, Westwood will don a complete set of police riot gear and arm himself with a Winchester Model 70 hunting rifle and a S&W Model 28 revolver. Despite his less-than-imposing physical presence (or perhaps because of it), Eliot is a crack shot. His assigned defensive position is the East Gate during a raid.


Eliot Westwood is the son of Victor Westwood, the General Construction Corporation executive who shaped Pingberra into a survivalist community. He has inherited his father’s position as “squire” and his seat on the Council of Elders. Eliot does his best to live up to the old man’s reputation but just doesn’t have the same gumption.

Eliot resents the way the balance of power on the town council has shifted to Matty Jarman and would love to see things going back to the way they were when his father ran things. After a few drinks in the town saloon, Eliot has been known to pontificate on how much better off Pingberra would be with a single man of vision at is head instead of an argumentative, weak-willed council. You know, someone like old Squire Vic. Hint hint.

In the meantime, Westwood is a stalwart member of the council and is always quick to offer his advice and opinion to anyone in need. Sometimes, he even waits to be asked.

Elliot Westwood

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