Matty Jarman

Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime


Matty is a small, rail-thin woman who retains an air of vibrant energy despite being into her sixties. She wears simple, almost shapeless dresses and sensible shoes. A pair of reading spectacles hang from a silver chain around her neck.

During a crisis, Matty is responsible for rounding up all children under sixteen and watching over them in the school gymnasium. She doesn’t bother with any kind of armor and will rely upon her wits and a 12-gauge to see her through any crisis.


Mathilda Jarman is the town schoolteacher and unofficial mayor of Pingberra. She was not born in Pingberra but was one of the first refugees to shelter there following the Ruin. Nearly everyone in town under thirty has spent time in Matty’s classroom. As a result, she can cow the roughest farmhand with a stern look and a raised finger.

Matty serves as the head of Pingberra’s council of Elders. A stubborn but uncompromisingly fair woman, she claims to represent no faction other than “common sense”. As a result Matty has pissed off everyone in town at one point or another during her time on the council. Still, her honesty and tenacity has won her the respect of the entire township, and if an election for leader were held tomorrow she’d win in a landslide.

Matty Jarman

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