Lynn the Blade

Shoplifters of the World Unite


Lynn the Blade is an attractive woman in her mid-twenties whose most remarkable feature is a complete lack of body hair. Lynn favors loose clothing that allow for maximum freedom of movement and offer convenient hiding places for pilfered loot.

Lynn is always armed with at least a dozen knives of various shapes and sizes. She owns a small crossbow and a semi-automatic pistol, but only uses them on the rare occasion when she runs out of blades. While technically a Tradesman, during times of crisis Lynn will serve with the Regulators as an independent scout, spy, and/or assassin.

WT: 20 Char: 2 Size: 49
WL: 10 Comb: 10 Bulk: 56
STR: 15 Comm: 2 Looks: 84
DFT: 25 Esth: -1 Age Group: 1
SPD: 15 Mech: 6 Hair: None
HLH: 15 Natr: 5 Eyes: Grey
Sci: 2 Recog Factor: 4

Changed: Lynn was born with alopecia universalis and is completely hairless.

Skills: Automobile Driving (51/10), Beast Riding (40/8), Climbing (45/9), Commerce (53/11), Literacy (84/16), Lockpicking (76/15), Pickpocket (67/13), Post-Ruin Culture (43/9), Safecracking (51/11), Search (81/16), Stealth (100/20), Survival (55/11), Tech Use (51/10), Off-Hand Dex (15)

Combat Skills: Brawling (45/9), Crossbow (56/11), Knife (117/23), Modern Pistol (56/11), Throwing (103/21), Unarmed Combat (76/15)

Weapons: Walther PPK .380 (BDG 5, AL, Box 6), Pistol Crossbow (1.8L, 2d6), Bowie Knives (1.5L), Kukri (1.5L), Switchblade (1.2L), Throwing Knives (1.5L)

Armor: Heavy Leather Hoodie (HL, AV 4, 1-11 & 21-28), Sap Gloves (HL+, AV 6, 29-30), Fatigue Pants (HC, AV 2, 10-18), Well-Oiled Leather Boots (LL, AV 3, 17-20)

Gear: Survival Kit, High-Quality Lockpicks (Efficiency 1.5, +1 BCS), Pocket Flashlight, Knife Sharpener & Oil, Assorted Wigs


Lynn the Blade’s earliest memories are running with a pack of near-feral children fending for themselves in the ruined outskirts of Sydney. She can’t recall her parents or even her own last name. She was given her nickname by one of the elder boys in her tribe, who claimed she was a sharp kid but skinny as a razor.

Lynn’s pack survived by scavenging and stealing. Being nearly fearless and tiny enough to wriggle through the smallest openings, Lynn was one of the group’s top “earners”. As time passed and the older children moved on or died off, Lynn became one of the leaders of her tribe. Her co-leader was a fierce young boy named Michael Nazareth, who served as the group’s protector.

When Lynn was around twelve years old, the Duke of Sydney ordered his army to round up the young thieves who had been harrying travelers and robbing the smaller settlements. Both Lynn and Naz were caught up in the sweeps and imprisoned at the old Law Courts bordering the Domain. Lynn quickly figured a way out of the lock-up but decided to stick around a while for the regular meals. At night, she would let herself out of the cells and go exploring. It was then that she first discovered pre-Ruin locks; fascinated, she would steal the locks themselves and take them back to her cell to disassemble and study.

After a couple of weeks, the young prisoners received a visit from an imposing Asian man. He asked them questions about themselves and their backgrounds while prodding at their muscles and assessing their general health. The man was the legendary warrior, Shinichi Toshido, and he was looking for new pupils to groom as the next generation of the Duke’s personal guard. Both Naz and Lynn made the cut and spent the next few years under the tutelage of the martial arts master.

Despite the discipline (and chores), Lynn thrived under Toshido Sensei. She always had an affinity for knives, partly because of her nickname and partly because she was too small and poor for any other weapon, but Shin took her to a whole new level of skill and taught her how to be nearly as deadly with her bare hands. Additionally, Lynn developed lifelong friendships with the Shinichi’s son, Brian, and another of his students, Catalin Donnelly.

Then one day the Duke proclaimed that criminals would no longer get a “free ride” in the Duchy and instead would be forced to battle in gladiatorial combat for the enjoyment of citizens. This announcement worried many in the Duke’s household but none dare challenged the leader, especially after the bouts proved enormously popular. Soon, however, the reserve of prisoners began to run out, and the Duke remembered that many of Shinichi Toshido’s youngest students were convicted thieves. The Duke sent Shin to a remote corner of the Duchy on a false pretense and had his pupils transferred to the arena.

Neither Lynn nor Naz ever talk about their experiences during that time.

When Shinichi returned several months later, he was livid to learn what had gone on in his absence. He swore to free his students and kill the mad Duke. Shinichi formulated a plan with a few other like-minded individuals, Cat’s mentor Chopper Dave and the Duke’s personal physician. The doc would release the children from their cells and Chopper Dave would fly them to freedom. Shin would provide a distraction for the escape by taking on the Duke and his personal guard, sacrificing himself for the safety of his students.

The plan worked flawlessly, up to a point. Dave’s helicopter was shot down on the outskirts of the Duke’s domain and the pilot was killed in the crash. Most of the youngsters survived but fled the crash site in a panic. However, Lynn and her closest friends – Naz, Cat, and Brian – resolved to stand by each other. The foursome spent years adventuring across the wasteland together and remain close to this day.

About a year ago, the group encountered a merchant caravan being attacked by a raider gang. They drove off the thieves and became friendly with the merchants, who offered them a place in their hidden enclave, a small hill town called Pingberra. The newcomers liked what they saw and quickly settled into the community. Today, Lynn serves as bodyguard for that same merchant caravan and does a little bartering (and stealing) on the side.

But twice now Lynn has had a happy life snatched out from under her, and part of her is ready and waiting for it happen again. She has a nest hidden somewhere in town stocked with goodies, her “savings account” set aside for an emergency. And she still lives in the old bus that was the group’s home for years, ready to roll when the time comes to leave Pingberra.


On the whole, stuff Lynn wants tends to find its own way into her possession. However, she has a small collection of wigs (used to forestall cries of “Stop that bald girl!” after a heist) and she might be interested in trading for a new one in excellent condition. She can offer pretty much anything the other party wants in return, if they’ll wait a little while for her to acquire it.

Lynn the Blade

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