Fergus Partridge

The Dignity of Labour


Fergus Partridge is a short, stout man with a perpetual squint and deeply-tanned skin from long hours spent outdoors. He is usually seen in worn, well-patched overalls that just might be the oldest thing in town. During Sunday service and council meetings, he wears an equally ancient grey suit jacket over a faded blue polo shirt and homespun pants.

If a crisis arises, Fergus will lead the Landsmen into battle wearing a homemade leather hauberk studded with steel links, matching greaves and vambraces, and an old fireman’s helmet. Fergus swings a mean machete and hunts regularly with both bow and shotgun.


Fergus Partridge’s family has been working the land around Pingberra for five generations. He knows everything worth knowing about the area and its inhabitants that’s worth knowing. Fergus and his father, Arthur, reorganized the town’s agricultural efforts after the Ruin and were therefore instrumental in creating the thriving community that exists today.

The Landsmen expressed their gratitude by appointing first Arthur and then Fergus as their representative on the town council. Fergus takes this responsibility very seriously and strives to always represent the best interest of his constituents. His zeal has occasionally led to him creating conflict with the Tradesmen where none is warranted. While he loves Alice Fahey like a sister and has nothing but respect for Doc MacReady, Fergus is deeply worried that their budding relationship may sway the Vicar over to the Tradesmen’ side during council disputes. To this end, he has been cultivating a friendship with Eliot Westwood in the hopes of maintaining a balance.

Fergus Partridge

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