Edwina "Eddie" Carlisle

In Love with a German Film Star


Edwina Carlisle is a delicate and fine-boned woman in her early thirties. Her blonde hair hangs in soft curls and her eyes are large and blue. Eddie has the largest collection of pre-Ruin clothing and beauty supplies in town; almost all were gifts from potential suitors.

If called into action, Eddie will don a heavy leather overcoat and equip herself with a large bowie knife and a Remington .243 hunting rifle that she’s a bit afraid of. Edwina will serve with the Tradesmen under Doc MacReady during a raid to the best of her abilities.


Edwina Carlisle is the owner of Pingberra Video Sales and Rentals. Her parents ran it back in the pre-Ruin days, when it was the only electronics store for hundreds of kilometers. As a result of growing up around all those video tapes, Eddie is a dyed-in-the-wool romantic who is rather obsessed with classic Hollywood films.

Eddie is acknowledged as the prettiest girl in Pingberra and nearly every male in town has made a play for her at some point. But after her childhood sweetheart, Bruce Taylor, was killed in a farming accident a few years back, Edwina lost interest in real-life romance and withdrew into her cinematic fantasies. The arrival of Brian Toshido snapped her out of her shell, and she and the younger man developed an instant rapport.

Today, Eddie and Brian live in the apartment above the video shop and do their best to keep the town’s electronic devices in working order. She is keen on trading electronic parts and for well-preserved copies of movies she hasn’t seen yet.

Edwina "Eddie" Carlisle

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