David "Doc" MacReady

Shake the Disease


Dave MacReady is a nondescript gent in his late thirties. He is of average height and weight, a beard covers most of his lower face, and he is usually clad in a well-worn cloth jacket, unadorned ball cap, and faded jeans. As a result, MacReady blends easily into any crowd – until he opens his mouth and his biting wit becomes apparent.

MacReady is the representative for Pingberra’s Tradesmen on the town council and is responsible for deploying the Tradesmen in defense of the town during an attack. During a crisis, he will don extra sports pads and a leather-lined khaki bush vest whose pockets are loaded with medical supplies. MacReady is a crack shot with a rifle and carries an antique British Cavalry sabre for closer encounters.

WT 25 Char 3 Size 61
WL 10 Comb 8 Bulk 41
STR 15 Comm 4 Looks 57
DFT 20 Esth 0 Age Group 2
SPD 15 Mech 2 Hair Brown
HLH 15 Natr 2 Eyes Brown
Sci 10 Recog Factor 1

Skills: Adv. Medical (86/17), Auto Driver (47/9), Boating (42/8), Chemistry (37/7), Con Artist (43/9), First Aid (104/21), Fishing (47/9), Lab Technique (67/13), Literacy (100/20), Pathology (64/13), Pharmacy (55/11), Search (52/10), Stealth (47/9), Survival (52/10), Swimming (32/6), Tech Use (47/9) Off-Hand Dex (14)

Combat Skills: Brawling (58/12), Modern Rifle (110/22), Single Weapon (86/17)

Weapons: Parker Hale M82 Rifle (BDG 27, BA, Tube 5, Telescopic Sight, Sling Swivels), 1885 Pattern Calvary Saber (1.8L)

Armor: Cap (HC, AV 2, 1), Jacket (HC, AV 2, 4-14 & 21-28), Leather-Lined Bush Vest (AV 5, 4-9), Gloves (LL, AV 3, 29-30), Jeans (HC, AV 2, 10-18), Cup & Pads (SY, AV 5, 12-16), Leather Boots (HL, AV 4, 17-20)

Gear: Survival Kit, Medikit 2, Fishing Line & Hooks, 1976 NRMA Sydney & District Road Map, Pencils and Personal Journal.


David “Doc” MacReady was a young boy when the Ruin occurred. His mother, Ellen, was a physician at Sydney Hospital and a founding member of the commune that developed there following the Riots. Young David grew up surrounded by physicians and nurses and came to prize scientific knowledge at an early age. He started working as a lab assistant by the time he was nine and was apprenticed to a doctor at the age of twelve.

A short time later, David’s mentor, Dr. Aubrey Hay, was called to be the Duke of Sydney‘s personal physician. MacReady accompanied Hay and spent the next decade in the Duke’s household. When Dr. Hay died of a heart attack, the Duke appointed David as his successor.

MacReady was therefore able to witness George Goddard’s mental deterioration first-hand. As the Duke became increasingly paranoid and unpredictable, MacReady began planning his escape from Sydney. Still, he was reluctant to leave the relatively comfortable life he had always known for a perilous existence in Post-Ruin Australia.

He finally received the push he needed when the Duke began forcing child miscreants to battle in gladiatorial games. MacReady conspired with the Duke’s helicopter pilot, Chopper Dave, and Shinichi Toshido, the martial arts master in charge of training the Duke’s personal guard. Doc released the children from their cells and Chopper Dave flew them to freedom while Toshido provided a “distraction” by assassinating Goddard.

MacReady slipped away in the confusion and returned to Sydney Hospital. There he learned that his mother had disappeared while making her regular rounds through the small settlements on the outskirts of Sydney. MacReady set out to look for Ellen but despite years of wandering never found a trace of her.

Along the way, MacReady helped those he could and made many friends and contacts. He would even occasionally run into Michael “Naz” Nazareth and some of the other youngsters he helped free from the Duke’s prison. One day, MacReady chanced upon a remote settlement in the hills outside Sydney. While at first suspicious of the outsider, the townsfolk warmed up once they learned he was the son of Ellen MAcReady.

David was invited to stay in the village and serve as the town doctor. After some deliberation, MacReady decided Pingberra was the sort of place he had always been looking for, a place where civilization could take root and prosper once more. He accepted the offer and soon became a well-regarded member of the community.


Doc is keen on gathering Pre-Ruin medicines and first aid equipment. He also has a fondness for detective fiction. In return, he can offer his medical services, which are nothing to sneeze at these days.

David "Doc" MacReady

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