Daylight Johnson

Bring Me the Head of the Preacher Man


Daylight Coca-Cola Johnson is a tall and strikingly handsome man in his mid-twenties. He is rather meticulous about his appearance and tends to dress a bit “flash”, the most obvious example of which is the well-maintained top hat he wears nearly everywhere. Daylight gets even more flamboyant when preaching the King’s Gospel – he has a special preaching suit covered in compact discs and mirrors.

Daylight is an expert pistolero and is currently heeled with twin Colt 1911s he acquired in the Duke of Sydney’s stronghold. He also carries a World War II vintage Japanese officer’s katana which he wields to expert effect. Daylight is considered one of the Regulators and serves as an unofficial third deputy.

WT: 20 Char: 6 Size: 97
WL: 15 Comb: 7 Bulk: 26
STR: 15 Comm: 3 Looks: 98
DFT: 20 Esth: 1 Age Group: 1
SPD: 14 Mech: 2 Hair: Black
HLH: 15 Natr: 5 Eyes: Blue
Sci: 1 Recog Factor: 6

Skills: Beast Riding (45/9), Commerce (41/8), Con Artist (86/17), Fast Draw (43/9), Gambling (46/9), Guitar Playing (83/17), Guitar Repair (42/8), Literacy (86/17), Lockpicking (42/8), Motorcycle (42/8), Pickpocket (47/9), Post-Ruin Culture (48/10), Pre-Ruin Culture (48/10), Stealth (90/18), Survival (70/14), Tech Use (42/8), Off-Hand Dex (13)

Combat Skills: Brawling (94/19), Modern Pistol (95/19), Single Weapon (95/19), Throwing (47/9)

Weapons: Colt M1911A1 (BDG 11, AL, Box 7, Two Carried), Brass Knuckles (1.3B), Throwing Knives (1.5L), Webley Mk. VI Revolver (BDG 12, DA, Cyl 6, XLNG), WWII Officers Katana (2.5L)

Armor: Top Hat (HC, AV 2, 1), Fringed Leather Jacket (HL, AV 4, 4-11 & 21-28), Gloves (LL, AV 3, 27-30), Jeans (HC, AV 2, 10-18), Cup (SY, AV 5, 12), Cowboy Boots (HL, AV 4, 17-20)

Gear: Survival Kit, Lockpicks, Pocket Flashlight, Deck of Girlie Playing Cards, Preaching Clothes, Hardcover Edition of Elvis by Dave Marsh


Daylight Coca-Cola Johnson is his official handle, as his momma named him after the two things she missed most after the Ruin. He was born in Redford Station, a disused commuter train tunnel that had been converted into a bomb shelter during the weeks leading up to the Sydney Riots. A group of railway workers had banded together to block off the ends of the tunnel and collect stockpiles of food, water, and other supplies. When the fecal matter hit the oscillating air mover, the workers bundled up their loved ones and moved in permanently.

Daylight’s mom went to her reward while Daylight was still in diapers. His Grandpa Benny raised him up into a man, teaching him to shoot and fight and survive. Daylight loved the old man’s stories about the glory days before the Ruin, especially the tales about his trip to America to see the great Elvis Presley perform in person.

It didn’t take long for Redford stockpiles to run out. The survivors were forced to venture out of their shelter to scrounge, hunt, and steal what they could. When Daylight turned thirteen he started accompanying his grandfather in these forays, and it was then that the youngster developed a real yearning to explore the wider world. Someone must have picked up the Kabul Shakes or something during one of these expeditions, as the old folk started dying off around that time. Once Grampa Benny passed, Daylight felt no need to stick around Redford and struck out on his own.

Daylight had taken to the gun rather naturally and was a straight shooter from an early age. Now he made his living by the gun, first as a raider and highwayman and later, after he started to develop a rep, as an enforcer and gunslinger. Of course, such a lifestyle breeds its own complications, and while ammo may have been scarce the people who wanted Daylight dead were not. Years of killing for survival, profit, and fun wrung out Daylight’s soul and left him a hollow husk of a man before he was twenty-five.

It was then that the King reached out to him in a mysterious way. Daylight was holed up in a one-turd town hiding out from his enemies and his memories. The old man who ran what passed for a saloon owned a wind-up Victrola and a stack of old records. The day that he played an Elvis record was the day that D. C-C. Johnson’s life changed forever. He had never actually heard the King before and now it was like a voice from heaven was putting all of Daylight’s deepest feelings and desires into song. He felt his soul lift up and knew joy for the first time.

Daylight now realized what his purpose in life was. He was to be the prophet of the King, a servant of El Vis, Taking Care of Business by spreading His message of love and tenderness across the barren wasteland. He learned to play guitar so he could preach through song as was only good and proper. Daylight now walks the Earth as a man of peace, delivering folks out of Heartbreak Hotel and into the promised land of Laz Vegas.

He still packs heat, though. The man ain’t stupid.


Daylight ain’t much one for bartering. If someone does have something he’s interested in – say, ammo or sheet music – he’ll likely offer to play a couple of hands of poker for it rather than make a straight swap. Rumor has it that he has a couple of old girlie mags squirreled away to trade for something he really wants.

Daylight Johnson

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