Catalin Donnelly

Mind Bomb


Catalin Donnelly is a pretty blonde in her mid-twenties. She is rather withdrawn and has a distracted air about her, as if she is listening to music no one else can hear.

Cat is an expert in unarmed combat, having been tutored by the great Shinichi Toshido himself, and owns a pair of sap gloves for an extra edge. She is a pretty good shot with a crossbow (although she has trouble cocking the damn thing) and recently acquired an assault rifle she is still getting the hang of. Cat’s greatest weapon, however, is her mind – she is a psionic capable of projecting telekinetic force.

When expecting trouble, Cat will gear up with her pilot’s helmet, leather vest, and sports pads. She is technically a member of the Tradesmen but will usually be deployed with the Regulators.

WT: 15 Char: 0 Size: 49
WL: 14 Comb: 11 Bulk: 68
STR: 15 Comm: -1 Looks: 84
DFT: 28 Esth: 1 Age Group: 1
SPD: 15 Mech: 11 Hair: Blonde
HLH: 14 Natr: 2 Eyes: Green
PSI: 25 Sci: 1 Recog Factor: 1

Changed: Cat is a psychokinetic. She can manipulate objects using telekinesis at a range of up to 4 meters. She can telekinetically lift up to 5 ENC for up to 4 Combat Turns with a range of 40 meters. She can telekinetically throw objects, hitting with a successful WILL AST and doing base damage of 1d10. Cat can also project a psychokinetic bolt for 2d6 damage that ignores armor. Activating the bolt requires a successful WILL AST roll and hitting the target requires a successful PSI AST roll.

Skills: Automobile Driver (53/11), Aviation Mechanic (67/13), Beast Riding (45/9), Electrician (63/13), Hi-Tech Use (51/10), Literacy (62/12), Navigation (36/7), Rotary Pilot (73/15), Post-Ruin Culture (30/6), Radio Comm (51/10), Search (47/9), Stealth (42/8), Survival (62/12), Tech Use (51/10), Off-Hand Dex (15)

Combat Skills: Brawling (51/10), Crossbow (80/16), Knife (55/11), Modern Rifle (51/10), Unarmed Combat (111/22)

Weapons: Crossbow (150lb, Foot Stirrup, 1.8L, 2d10+4), Kinetic Bolt (2d6), L1A1 Battle Rifle (BDG 27, AL, Box 20), Bowie Knives (1.5L), Sap Gloves (1.6B), Switchblade (1.1L)

Armor: Pilot’s Helmet (SY, AV 5, 1-2), Leather Vest (HL, AV 4, 4-9), Fatigue Jacket (HC, AV 2, 4-11 & 21-28), Sap Gloves (HL+, AV 6, 29-30), Fatigue Pants (HC, AV 2, 10-18), Sport Pads (SY, AV 5, 12-16), Leather Hiking Boots (LL, AV 3, 17-20)

Gear: Survival Kit, Tool Kit, Flashlight, Assorted Paperback Novels, Journal and Pencils


Catalin’s mother, Vanessa, was a receptionist at a Sydney radio station in the days before the Ruin. She was one of a small group who sought to flee the turmoil of the Sydney Riots with the help of the station’s traffic reporter, “Chopper Dave”. But before the band could make their escape, their building was stormed by George Goddard and his men, who pressed Chopper Dave and his helicopter into service. Goddard extended his “protection” to Vanessa and the others as a way of ensuring the pilot’s cooperation. Vanessa was given a relatively comfortable position in the Duke’s household and served as his personal secretary.

Catalin was born a year later. She grew up among the Duke’s retinue and had an easy childhood compared to most kids raised after the Ruin. When Vanessa passed away shortly after Cat’s seventh birthday, Chopper Dave took the girl under his wing. He instructed her in the maintenance of his precious helicopter and the basics of aeronautics. Cat proved to be an exceptional student and made her first solo flight at the tender age of thirteen.

Around this time, Cat made some lifelong friends. The first was with Brian Toshido, the young son of a renowned martial arts master who had recently entered the Duke’s service. Cat and Brian also formed bonds with Michael Nazareth and Lynn the Blade, two thieving street urchins who had been given a choice between prison or training for the Duke’s army. The four youngsters bonded while studying under Shinichi Toshido and had many misadventures together.

Things changed when the Duke instituted a series of gladiatorial games. After running out of adult prisoners to use, Godard decided to force the young criminals studying under the elder Toshido to fight in the arena. Toshido, Chopper Dave, and the Duke’s personal physician formulated a plan to save the condemned children. The doc would release the kids from their cells and Chopper Dave would fly them to freedom while Shinichi provided a distraction by taking down the Duke and his personal guard.

The plan worked flawlessly, up to a point. The helicopter was shot down on the outskirts of the Duke’s domain and Chopper Dave was killed in the crash. Most of the youngsters survived but fled the scene in a panic. However, Cat and her friends resolved to stand by each other. The foursome spent years adventuring across the wasteland together and remain close to this day.

From the day she left the Duchy, Cat yearned to find a new helicopter for herself. She pushed her friends to follow every lead and rumor that might lead to such a discovery. Finally, one of Cat’s wild goose chases paid off and she located a Eurocopter Ecureuil on a army barge shored at Hunters Hill. Cat goaded her friends to brave the horrors of the Hill and help her salvage the helicopter. it was the happiest day of Cat’s life, the recurring nightmares notwithstanding.

Eventually, Cat and her friends settled in a small settlement called Pingberra. She fell in love with a local boy named Jimmy Valentine and began to teach him how to fly her beloved chopper. Jimmy wanted out of Pingberra and kept prodding Cat to go with him (and her helicopter) to Sydney. Cat refused due to her past experiences with the Duke and his people.

Jimmy went behind her back and made a secret deal with the current Duke of Sydney, Adam O’Dowd, to deliver the copter and its pilot. He helped a group of thieves sneak into Pingberra, remove a vital piece of the helicopter’s engine, and leave clues leading back to Sydney. Cat and the Regulators followed the trail and were captured by the Duke’s men. During a feast in her honor, Cat’s fear and anger manifested in a psychokinetic bolt that literally blew the Duke’s mind. Cat and her friends managed to recover the stolen goods and make their escape in the chaos that followed.

The Regulators met up with Jimmy and his pals (including his new girlfriend) while escaping Sydney. They chased down the thieves and a brief scuffle ensued, in which Naz cut off Jimmy’s right hand and Cat killed her ex-lover’s current beau. Despite this, Cat is still pissed about the whole thing.

Cat currently lives in her helicopter, which is parked in the Pingberra School parking lot under a big tarpaulin. She has sworn off men for the third or fourth time in her life but really means it this time. Probably.


Cat is always looking for parts and equipment to help maintain her helicopter. She’d give about anything for some high-grade, Pre-Ruin aviation fuel just to see the difference it makes. Cat also like old romance novels and historical adventures. In return, she can offer a few helicopter parts she doesn’t need and some assorted tools. Cat is reluctant to train others in flying her chopper after what happened with Jimmy.

Catalin Donnelly

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