AFTERMATH! - Cities in Dust

Take Me to the River

A Minor Excursion

A group of mercenaries divert Pingberra Creek in an attempt to lure the town’s defenders into a trap. The Regulators show them what a bad idea that was. Zar gains and loses a dog, Cat misses the broad side of a barn, and Becca gets to blow everything up.

Plot Points:
• The leader of the mercs is known only as “the Colonel”. A former guard commander under the New Duke, he is now looking to build his own power base.

• The Colonel was tipped off to the existence (but not the exact location) of Pingberra by “an old friend”.

• The Colonel manages to get away in the aftermath of the Regulators’ attack. Oops.

• Considering the merc base was an old ranger station, the posse ended up with a surprising amount of loot.

• Becca scored a pre-Ruin pillow, still comfy and clean, and a set of 6 matching bowls. While the rest of the team are scouring a post-Holocaust wasteland, she somehow located a Bed, Bath, and Beyond.
• Zar found an almost functional portable television and a metal pail. A fella can have a lot of fun with those.
• Lynn wound up with 8 metal folding chairs and a war surplus gas mask
• Toshido turned up 12 canning jars with lids and clips, and a single AA battery.
• Cat scrounged a good quality magnifying glass.
• Naz located a set of jumper cables.
• Cat and Naz really need to pick up Search.



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