AFTERMATH! - Cities in Dust

Slippery People

A Minor Excursion

On the way back from the trade meet, a few of the Regulators break off from the convoy to spend some quality time with their prisoner, Jimmy Valentine, They hole up in the former headquarters of the Auburn Slavers to interrogate the traitor without interference. However, Jimmy manages to steal away while the Regulators are in conference, dropping through the same hole into the sewers that Cat and Lyn explored the last time they were here. Confronted with evidence that Jimmy has been captured by sewer-dwelling muties, the posse eventually goes in after him, albeit reluctantly.

Plot Points:
• The Regulators done got messed up in this one, nearly losing their lives in a pointless struggle in the filth-choked tunnels beneath the streets of Auburn.

• Lynn took a pick through the shoulder and Becca had her arm near crushed by a makeshift mace. Ironically, they were the advocates for going after Jimmy.

• The Posse never did get a good look at their adversaries. Each Regulator describes them rather differently. Doc is pretty sure they are all wrong.

• Jimmy valentine was brought back to Pingberra and judged by the town council. He was sentenced to twenty years labor, avoiding a death sentence only by promising to lead the Regulators to McLaren.

Not a brass razoo.



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